IntelliDocX automates SAP document processing. Simply.

We provide Smart Content Applications for Enterprise Processes.

IntelliDocX leverages 100% SAP content, data and workflow interoperability with Microsoft’s SharePoint and Microsoft Cloud O365, to make your business run even better

What business area can we help you with?

IntelliDocX Smart Content Processing Applications for SAP

What are Smart Content Applications?

Collaboration Platform


Contextual Data

Content Capture

Process Analytics


  • Complement & optimize existing transactional processes
  • Improve content management, access, discovery & processing

Directed at

  • Human-centered, business activities that are subject to change
  • Providing Users with Digital Content Workplaces


  • Packaged, Add-on Applications to extend - not replace
  • Leverage Cloud platforms & centers of engagement

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Value to your Business

  • SAP Processes now “Content Enabled”
  • Content always just 1 click away
  • Simplified Content Processing:
    15 existing SAP screens reduced to 1

Make your business run even better

  • Manual activities automated & streamlined
  • Users work inside SAP, O365, Html5 UIs
  • Real-time collaboration for everyone


Processing Sales Contracts - Customer Example

3000 Users
20,000 Contracts a year
120,000 Hours saved per year
Impact: $6,000,000 in annual savings

Bottom Line Improvements

  • Shorter Process Cycles
  • Increased employee productivity
  • Reduced cost per transaction processed
  • Compliant content handling
  • ROI Measured in just weeks

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Digital Content Automation

Replaces manual, paper based processes with digital workflows and automated document processing

Content Capture

Digitally capture paper, ingest digital content (pdf’s, etc.) and recognize contextual business data

ArchiveLink Content Management

Storage and management across content lifecycles, with controlled utilization of digital assets

SAP & Microsoft Interoperability

For both cloud and on-premise platforms, allowing business activities to span both systems

Content, Data & Process Integration

Real-time ability to bi-directionally exchange content, business data, transaction and workflow activities

Legacy Content Migration

Move content from legacy systems into SharePoint as a SAP ArchiveLink ECM to support Smart Processes

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