Smart Content Application
for Delivery Management

Addresses a full range of delivery and goods movement related documents and contextual business data; providing complete content management, ease of access, and in-process utilization.
For both in-side SAP and SharePoint/O365 Delivery Management users

Business Challenges

  • Limited or inaccurate availability checks due to lack of current document information
  • Unnecessary invoice payment blocks and delayed block processing due to lengthy document retrieval and frequent loss of documents
  • Low productivity due to wait times and lack of process control
  • Duplicate document creation and storage
  • Expensive, complex reporting due to lack of centralized access to up-to-date process and document information

IntelliDocX Business Value

  • Content centrally stored in MS SharePoint/O365 or SAP ArchiveLink ECMs
  • Content Enabled Processes Improve User Efficiency
  • Smart document processing optimizes content-driven SAP processes
  • Reduce Cost Per Item Processed
  • Compliant Content Handling
  • Future Flexible For Continued Process Improvement
  • Quick ROI realized In Just Weeks

Manage, Access, Discover & Process

SAP Delivery Management Becomes Content Enabled

Inbound Delivery
  • Material document
  • Material invoice
  • Inquiry
  • Quote
  • Contract

Goods Movement

Outbound Delivery
  • Purchase Order
  • Contract
  • Scheduling agreement
  • Sales order
  • Billing document

14 SAP screens/lists reduced to 1 foldered content view

Direct access from within any SAP transaction

Web users can do everything the SAP user can

SAP users real-time connected to O365, SharePoint Users

Manage, Access, Discover & Process

Business Data Based Document Search

Search UIs’ in both SAPGUI and HTML5 - O365

Manage, Access, Discover & Process

Content Handling Extended With Process Activities

Meta Data Provisioning to any desired workflow/processing activity

Manage, Access, Discover & Process with IntelliDocX

Functionality Not Supported
In Standard SAP

  • All related content, One-click away
  • Single content-intuitive UI screen
  • Hierarchical Folder view versus flat attachment list
  • Cross referenced with contextual business data
  • View Parked and in-Process documents
  • Filtered document search via business data
  • Attach, View & Work from SAP & SharePoint/O365 content centers

Extended Process Efficiencies

  • Approve and/or route for action
  • Input/update related business data
  • Capture, perform OCR and attach new documents
  • Add more documents, content, notes
  • Revise documents, maintain versions
  • View document processing histories
  • Bulk print, download document sets