Sales Order-to-Cash Receipt
A 360° Digital Content Workplace

IntelliDocX 360 accelerates document processing across the
complete sales order-to-cash receipt cycle.
Reduces days sales outstanding (DSO) for faster customer payment receipts.

Business Challenges

  • Reactive versus proactive actions due to lack of real-time status & information
  • Lengthened collection times due to inefficient handling of requests for validation & verification
  • Duplicated document creation and storage
  • Lowered productivity due to wait times for information spread across multiple departments
  • Extra time/costs in assembling sets of related documents to satisfy customer inquiries

IntelliDocX Business Value

  • 360 view of all documents related to a given Sales Order and Customer Billings
  • Content Enabled Order Processes Improve User Efficiency
  • Reduce Cost Per Order Processed
  • Future Flexible For Continued Process Improvement
  • Content centrally stored in MS SharePoint/O365 or SAP ArchiveLink ECMs
  • Quick ROI realized In Just Weeks

Want to know more about 360° Digital Content Workplaces?

Manage, Access, Process, Discover

360° correlation & management for Sales Order-to-Payment Receipt

IntelliDocX 360 for Order-to-Cash Provides
  • End to end information, content and process management across all concerned departments
  • Complements accounts receivable by keeping them up-to-date through seamless content integration
  • Faster Customer responsiveness to requests for verifications and validations
  • Correlated Content Management using SharePoint, O365 or ArchiveLink enabled ECMs’

Manage, Access, Process, Discover

Smart Content Workplaces bring together all phases of the Order-to-Cash cycle in a single view

Combines Finance, Sales & Master Data so all related documents are one click away
  • Contract Related Documents
  • Order Processing & Fulfillment
  • Proof of Delivery & Receipt
  • Billing Documents
  • Credit & Collections
  • Dispute Resolutions
  • Payments

Manage, Access, Process, Discover

Smart Content Processing for continuous process improvement opportunities across the Order-to-Cash cycle

Contract Management
  • Streamline request, creation, authoring and approval processes
  • Distribute contracts to customers for review, approval, and signature
Order Processing & Fulfillment
  • Store and automatically route order documents for review
Proof of Delivery & Receipt
  • Capture & access signed proof of delivery documents anytime, anyplace
  • Store, distribute and recall customer invoice documents instantly
Credit & Collections
  • View invoice aging dashboards across all departments involved
Dispute Resolution
  • Capture and distribute correspondences and notes
Payment Processing
  • Validate captured information automatically
  • Create and save Imaged checks and deposits

Manage, Access, Process, Discover

Smart Provisioning of Order-to-Cash Documents and Data

Advanced, business data based search returns filtered document sets with all needed contextual data.

Begin the Search at ANY point in the Order-to-Cash Cycle
  • Contract
  • Order
  • Billing
  • Disputes
  • Collections/Payment
See ALL related content in a 360° view

Manage, Process, Access, Discover

Order-to-Cash “In-Process” Content from a 360° Digital Workplace

Functionality Not Supported In Standard SAP
  • View all Order-to-Cash documents in a single Content View
  • All related content, One-click away
  • Single content-intuitive Workplace screen
  • Hierarchical Folder view versus flat attachment list
  • Cross referenced with contextual business data
  • Filtered document search via business data
  • Attach, View & Work from SAP & SharePoint/O365 content centers
Extended Process Efficiencies
  • Eliminate 20+ SAP Screen jumps with 1 workplace view
  • Add more documents, content, notes that everyone can see instantly
  • Approve and/or route for action
  • Revise documents, maintain versions
  • View document histories
  • Bulk print, download document
  • Add process improving activities over time