IntelliDocX Technology Drivers

To extend and optimize SAP ERP, IntelliDocX leverages, integrates, incorporates and prepackages six critical technology categories in building “Total Solution” Smart Content Processing Applications

Your business benefits from dynamic lines of business applications & digital workplaces that are:

  • Collaborative
  • Intuitive
  • Flexible
  • Adaptive
  • Cloud Based
  • Mobile Capable

1. Digital Content Automation

IntelliDocX is Ready-to-Run and replaces manual, paper based processes with digital workflows and automated document processing.

IntelliDocX leverages its unique domain expertise and SAP business process knowledge with SAP + Microsoft software development expertise to develop it’s dynamic business applications.

Everything needed to

  • Install, configure, run; in a matter of days
  • Leverage your SAP & Microsoft assets
  • Digitally transform the business with the Cloud

Smart Content Processing applications includes:

  • Line of Business specific logic
  • Bi directional content services
  • ​Bi-directional ArchiveLink, GOS services
  • ​Bi-directional workflow activities
  • ​bi-directional, transactional reads & writes
  • ​SAP data queries
  • Digital content workplaces
  • ​HTML5 Content Activity Centers
  • ​SAP Worklist processing
  • ​SAPGUI Content Centers
  • Distributed access control & user security

2. SAP & Microsoft Interoperability

IntelliDocX packages ready-to-run SAP to Microsoft interoperability for both cloud and on-premise platforms, allowing business activities to span both systems

SAP, as the system of record, is 100%, interoperable with SharePoint, O365 and Web hosted content activity centers.

  • The cloud provides a scalable and complete collaboration suite that transforms the way teams work.

These Smart Content Processing applications incorporate, the technical functionality so that:

  • SAP is interoperable with SharePoint
  • SAP is interoperable with O365
  • SAPGUI workspaces are real-time connected to SharePoint, O365 workspaces
  • SAP ArchiveLink Content Services interoperate with SharePoint Content Services
  • SAP HANA works with Microsoft Azure & O365

3. ArchiveLink Content Management

ArchiveLink is SAP’s standard “Content Service” for storing and retrieving documents which have been linked to SAP business transactions and records.

ArchiveLink assures long term access to business content in a structured, secured fashion; fully under the control of the ERP system of record.

  • SAP exposes this service via a certifiable interface, so 3rd Party ECM systems can plug directly into the ArchiveLink Service.

ArchiveLink & IntelliDocX Smart Content Processing

  • IntelliDocX applications utilize bi-directional ArchiveLink services so the same functionality available to inside SAP users and transactions, can also be invoked by SharePoint and O365 applications and users.
  • As ArchiveLink is a standardized content service, IntelliDocX solutions support any SAP certified ArchiveLink ECM system.
  • IntelliDocX also provides bundled ArchiveLink connectivity for SharePoint & O365 in its solution set.

4. Content Capture

IntelliDocX Smart Content Processing Application Framework includes a general purpose document capture module with exposed API’s.

“Content Capture” transforms paper and electronic documents into digital content to speed up business processes plus make document storage and handling more efficient.

MFP’s, Email, IDOCs, Fax server

  • Document archiving
  • Document indexing by user (key-from-image)
  • Document data validation
  • Automated invoice routing

Ideal for low
document volume

work station

Includes also:

  • Document scanning
  • Point-and-Shoot data capture

Ideal for medium
document volume

Departmental mailroom processing

Includes also:

  • Optical character recognition for document header data

Ideal for medium to high document volume

Enterprise mailroom processing

Includes also:

  • Optical character recognition for document line item data

Ideal for high
document volume

IntelliDocX Smart Content Capture

  • Includes Ready-to Capture Functionality that Performs OCR Data validations against SAP data
  • Automatically in the process stream captured content is “released” to SAP ArchiveLink services and linked to SAP transactions and records

For Bespoke Solutions

  • The IntelliDocX capture module can be plugged into any vendor’s capture/OCR system
  • IntelliDocX provides ready connect interfaces to:
        •Fujitsu PaperStream
        •Cumulus Pro

5. Content, Data & Process Integration

The IntelliDocX “Total Interoperability Framework” allows for 100% bi-directional real-time integration between SAP and Microsoft SharePoint/.NET/Web Services. Integration Without Boundaries.

Combining ECM, Integration Adapters and BPM, IntelliDocX pre-packages the supporting integration modules and run-time services framework in its’ smart content processing solutions.
Uncompromised SAP integration requires:

  • ArchiveLink Content Service
  • Transactional (data read/write)
  • Process and Workflow activities
  • Data Access (read, reference, run reports)
  • User Access Control/Security

Native ArchiveLink only allows an SAP application to retrieve documents, store documents or delete documents. No transactional data read/writes, meta data reads nor workflow/processing activities are supported with the ArchiveLink Services. So IntelliDocX utilizes its’ Framework to make smart SAP content processing possible.

6. Legacy Content Migration

IntelliDocX Provides a toolkit to automate and accelerate migrating content from legacy ECMs to SharePoint, O365. Efficiently. Cost Effectively.

To maximize benefits from “content enabling” SAP with IntelliDocX and SharePoint, O365, substantial ROI can be realized by migrating content from:

  • Legacy ECMs
  • SAP transactional data base
  • SAP Content Server

Customers have covered their migration costs in just 1 year by eliminating maintenance on their legacy ECM!

IntelliDocX Migration Tool Kit Contains

Analysis Programs to discover where the content lies, how much there is, GOS objects usage, along with content types profiles.

Execution Programs
Retrieve and Staging Programs
Programs to re-save to new SAP ArchiveLink ECM
Programs to monitor and assure migration
Programs to delete from old Archives and storage locations


  • One Hop Migration
  • Consolidate and Reorganize during migration
  • Filter old, unused content for deletion/final disposition
  • Install, configure and schedule for lights out, automated migration